About Me

Hey there! My name is Janet Phillips and I would be thrilled to capture your life’s most special moments. I’ve always been interested in taking photos and capturing memories, but it was my own family that was the impetus for me to learn to use my camera to capture the moments — big and small — that make life precious. With six children, I have never been short of inspiration! The photos I have taken are a blessing I keep with me even as my children grow and move out on their own. The memories captured will last a lifetime.

When I am asked to take photos for others, I approach it with the same care and attention that I do photos of my own family. I look for the special moments to capture, whether it be a special look between a bride and groom, the impish grin of a toddler, or the sparkle of hope in a senior’s eye. All of these moments are beautiful to me and I capture them in a way that will hopefully bring you joy and great delight as you savor the precious moments of life.